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OPT Cutting Tools Co Ltd is a professional supplier of tungsten carbide products in China PCD reamers PCD milling cutter Woodworking tools Other PCD tools Carbide End Mills Carbide Drills Carbide Reamers Carbide Taps Carbide Inserts carbide dies carbide slitting saws coated inserts endmills and many customized products With a large selection of carbide grades for woodworking metalworking and working of composite materials we also provide carbide materials for your special use For more information about us please visit our website or contact us We are happy to help you at anytime Throughout our nearly 2 years of experience from the official foundation we have earned a number of coveted...

Categories and Products

PCD Inserts

PCD Turning Inserts

Diamond PCD inserts VCGT VCGW VBGT VBGW Diamond tipped PCD inserts DCGW DCGT PCD tipped inserts CCGW CCGT CPGW CPGT CNC PCD insert diamond tips WCGW WCGT PCD diamond insert PCD inserts WCGW WCGT Diamond tipped PCD inserts TCGW TCGT TPGT TPGX PCD Tipped inserts SEGT SCGW SNGA Diamond inserts PCD inserts CNGA PCD diamond tipped inserts DNGA150404 PCD inserts SNGA for metal cutting Diamond cutting tools PCD inserts TNGA PCD inserts VNGA160404 tools Diamond inserts PCD inserts CCGW060204 PCD inserts DCGW for copper aluminum Diamond tip insert PCD insert TCGW TPGW PCD inserts VCGT VCMT VBGW Diamond inserts PCD inserts WNGA PCD inserts TNGN PCD tipped inserts Premium quality PCD inserts TNGA PCD tipped inserts PCD inserts CNGN120404 

PCD Milling Inserts

Diamond tipped PCD milling inserts CNC Indexable PCD milling inserts APMT PCD inserts face milling insert SEHT1204 

PCD Grooving Inserts

PCD grooving inserts for machining roller Customized PCD grooving inserts for machining roller Diamond tip inserts PCD grooving inserts TEEN MRMN PCD inserts groving inserts 

PCD Reamers

PCD Step Reamers

Diamond pcd reamer cnc turning tools PCD drilling reamer PCD step drill reamer Diamond step drilling remeamer PCD step reamers for cnc machined PCD step reamers for cnc machining High quality PCD step reamers Custom made CNC PCD Reamer CNC Tools PCD Reamer Tool Diamond Adjustable Reamer CNC Tools PCD Reamer Tool Diamond Diamond Cutting Tool PCD Reamers Custom CNC PCD Reamer PCD Reamer for autoparts machining PCD cutting tools PCD profile tools for 3C Superior PCD reamers for automotive factory supply Superior PCD reamers for aerospace factory supply OPT Diamond cutting tool PCD reamers PCD reamer with diamond tip mirror grinding PCD special reamer factory direct supply Factory price PCD step drilling reamer Factory price PCD step drilling reamer direct supply 

PCD End Mill Reamers

CNC cutting tools pcd diamond end mill reamers Diamond PCD sprial flute reamers PCD Super Hard Tools Reamer 

PCD Combination Reamers

PCD combination reamers tools Professional design PCD reamers 

PCD Milling Cutter

PCD End Mills

PCD roughing diamond end mill PCD end mill GE milling tools Two-blade over center milling cutter GA PCD end mills 4 flute PCD end mills 2 flute for CNC machined PCD ball nose end mills 2 flute PCD cutters PCD diamond tools PCD end mills 4 flute PCD end mills Factory price Sigle flute PCD end mills CNC milling cutter Factory price PCD milling tools PCD end mill PCD face milling cutters PCD end mills PCD milling cutter PCD tipped end mill 

PCD Ball Nose End Mills

PCD single-edged ball end mill CNC cutting tools PCD ball nose end mill Corner radius end mill PCD end mill 

PCD Thread Milling Cutter

Thread cutter PCD thread milling tool cutter PCD thread milling cutter for CNC machined PCD thread milling cutter for CNC machined Thread milling cutter PCD tipped milling cutter PCD thread tools PCD diamond tipped thread milling 

Woodworking Tools

PCD carving tools

Cnc router cutting tool for aluminum PCD carving tools for stone, granite, marble PCD engraving cutter for stone PCD engraving tool for phone shell Factory price PCD engraving cutter for glass screen PCD engraving bit for maching mobile phone button PCD engraving bit D6x90°x1.0mm for marble/granite Factory price PCD engraving bits for phone shell PCD engraving tool Diamond v bit PCD engraving bits CNC carving bits 6mm Shank PCD V Shape engraving bits Diamond Router Bits Best selling diamond engraving tools for wood PCD engraving bits for mobile phone metal button Diamond engraving bit PCD bits for hard granite Diamond engraving bit PCD bits for hard granite PCD router bits Stone engraving bits 45 degree Factory price PCD engraving bits 60 degree conical engraving cutters Engraving bit PCD Conical engraving cutters Engraving bit PCD for aluminium Jewelry Making Diamond Cutting Tools for Faceting Machines 

PCD Wood Router Bit

CNC woodworking tool PCD woodworking tools PCD wood router bit Wood router bits 45 degree angle Diamond woodworking cutter pcd tools PCD router bit for Solid wood Plywood PCD forming router bit for nesting PCD cabinet door router bit PCD router bit for edge forming V shape PCD router bit 120 degree CNC PCD granite router bits Diamond woodworking tools PCD router bits PCD woodworking tools Diamond router bits for wood PCD router bits for MDF cabinet doors Diamond cabinet router bit PCD router bits Diamond woodworking tools for MDF PCD CNC router bits for furniture Diamond PCD straight bit woodworking tools clear bottom PCD radius groove cutter for furniture PCD diamond router bits for CNC machine T-slot PCD router bit 

Other PCD Tools

PCD Forming Cutter

PCD forming tools high quality PCD Diamond tipped T-Slot bits Good price PCD forming tools PCD forming cutter for 3C product/mobile phone shell PCD precision boring tools Diamond boring tools Customized automotive engine valve guide hole PCD reamer PCD boring tool PCD boring cutter PCD slotting cutter Customized slotting tool Superior PCD brased turning tool factory direct supply PCD External turning tool/insert/aluminum alloy Diamond internal turning tool cylinder boring thread tools PCD positive turning tools for aluminum alloys brass Factory direct Diamond tip cnc external turning tools PCD external turning tools for Aluminum alloys parts PCD turning tools Diamond turning insert grooving cutter Diamond tipped turning lathe tools PCD cutting tools Diamond tipped turning tools with single point PCD brased turning tools for cnc lathe machine Custom diamond turning tool for CNC lathe machine Single point diamond tipped external turing tool 

PCD Engraving Tool

PCD diamond carving cutter for Phone 

PCD Drills

PCD drills bits for CNC machined 

PCD Turning Tools

Metal lathe cutting tool PCD turning tool Turning tool CNC lathe tool PCD tool holder CNC lathe turning tool diamond turning tool PCD turning tools Multiple models 

Carbide Taps

Cutter Taps

Head milling cutter taps for sale Taper pipe Taps High speed steel alloy steel Solid carbide taps straight flute Coolant solide carbide cutter taps Solid carbide pipe thread tap Solid carbide spiral pointed tap Solid carbide taps sprial flute USA Standard solid carbide taps UNC UNF British standard solid carbide taps 18 38 Solid carbide taper taps Solide carbide reinforced shank cutter taps Carbide reinforced shank cutter taps Reinforced shank tap with carbide Carbide reduce shank cutter taps Carbide reduce shank solidecutter tap 4135 Reduce shank cutter taps solide carbide 4135 Straight flute taps 41B5 Carbide straight flute taps 41B5 Solide carbide straight flute taps 41B5 Carbide 60° taper pipe thread tap 4N35 

Thread Forming Taps

Solid carbide forming taps and dies threading tool Carbide tooling forming taps threading tap Solide carbide thread forming taps Reinforced shank forming taps 4135 Reinforced shank forming taps 4505 

Customized Carbide Taps

custom carbide taps for automotive engine Cutstomized thread taps Customizing cutter taps 

Thread Milling Cutters

Coolant thread milling cutter for ISO mertic thread Internal cooling UN thread milling cutters Internal cooling NPT thread milling cutters Internal cooling NPTF thread milling cutters Internal thread milling cutter for ISO mertic thread UNF UNC thread milling cutters NPT thread milling cutters NPTF thread milling cutters NPT thread milling for tapered threads NPTF thread milling cutters for tapered threads Thread milling cutter for ISO mertic thread UN thread milling cutter Thread milling cutter m5-m27 UN thread milling cutter for carbide Solide carbide UN thread milling cutter Solide carbide thread milling cutter m5-m27 Carbide thread milling cutter m5-m27 NPTF thread milling cutters cnc machine NPTF thread milling cutters high quality Maching of NPTF thread milling cutters 

Carbide End Mills

Solid Carbide End Mills

Tool Solid carbide end mills in stock Solid carbide end mill for alumium CNC roughing carbide end mills Flat end mills 2 4 6 flutes 

Solid Carbide Ball Nose Mills

Factory indexable ball nose end mills solid carbide Two Flute Solid Carbide Ball Nose Mills Carbide ball nose end mills 

Micro End Mills

Micro Solid Carbide Ball Nose End Mills 0.1mm-0.9mm Micro End Mills 

Customized End Mills

Oem customized end mills Custom solid carbide for special size 

Carbide Drills

Carbide Twist Drills

Solid Carbide Drill Bit Twist Drill Bits Set External cold twist drill carbide twist drills Coolant deep hole drills Coolant Carbide Drills for CNC Machining Solid carbide twist drill Carbide deep hole drills Solide carbide twist drills for machining Coolant twist drill 1103A Double edged carbide twist drill 1100F Deep hole twist drill 1103S Drill OPT Solid Carbide Drill Bit Round Shank Superior carbide drills with shank diameter Standard drills Superior solid carbide drills for cast iron Superior solid carbide drill bits for cast materials Superior solid carbide drill bits for hardened steel High performance double edged twist drills Best solid carbide drills special polished Fixed point drills carbide center drill Superior micro carbide drillsfor Pcb Print Circuit Board Cost-effective Internal coolant twist drill 

Carbide Step Drills

High quality tungsten coated carbide stepped drill bit Carbide Stepped Drill with Good Finish coolant carbide step drills Internal cold fixed handle twist drill 1100A Carbide solid Step drill 1113A Solide carbide drill for CNC lather Solid carbide drills special polished for hole machining High quality solid carbide step drill bits Factory price carbide step drill with for metal Tungsten carbide step drill Sharpener tools Cost-effective Internal coolant carbide step drill Solid carbide dirll bits Step drill bits Twist drill bits for stainless steel HRC60 

Gun Drills

Masonry drill for gun drill bit concrete Gun drills for matel 

Premium HSS-PM Drills

Carbide premium HSS-PM drills 

Carbide G Drill

Carbide Drill reamer 1X03A Solide carbide G drills 1203B Coolant carbide straight drill 1203A Tungsten carbide flat drill drills for blind hole 

Carbide Reamers

Carbide End Mill Reamers

Tungsten Carbide Reamer CNC Machining End Mill Spiral carbide end mills reamers Solid carbide end mill reamers straight flute Coolant long reamers gun reamers for car engine 

Step Reamers

Solid Carbide Machine Hand Reamer Step Reamer coolant carbide step reamers 

Carbide Form Tools

Tungsten carbide spiral flute step drill bit set Tungsten carbide cold forming tools Carbide form tools for Non-standard customization Carbide forming tools for watch case Carbide forming tools for watch CNC carbide forming tools for watch New carbide forming tools for watch case Carbide high speed forming tools for watch case Carbide forming Watchmaker's Tools 

Carbide Inserts

Carbide Turning Inserts

Factory direct bits tungsten carbide insert Tungsten Carbide Inserts Turning Tools CNMG Carbide inserts WNMA for cast iron 

Carbide Milling Inserts

Tungsten Carbide Milling Insert Threaded cutting Tools TaeguTec CNC lathe machine turning insert Tungsten TaeguTec CNC lathe machine turning insert Grooving inserts replace Taegutec TDC2 TDC3 TDC4 

Ceramic Cutters

Ceramic End Mills

Ceramic cutters for CNC machined 

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